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Freeride and Championship

After organising EC2K17 last year, we made the decision to use the same location in Bièvre, Gros-Fays as always. It was the best decision we could make in line with all the projects on our agenda. For 2018 we upgraded the Championship to a BeNeLux version. This means there will be podia for a Belgian, Netherlands, Luxembourg and international Champion during Eat Concrete, not forgetting classic and street luge, girls and groms! 10th to the 13th of May is the date you need to fix in your  schedule.

Two days of freeriding, three days of competition packed in a four-day event. Program already available.

Rider limit is 240, be sure to get your tickets and register while you still can.

A freeride ticket goes for 90 EUR, while a race one goes for 160 EUR. Included in these tickets are 2 or 4 days of skating on one of Belgium's most greenest roads. All accommodations and basic needs are provided during the day, NO extra costs for midday lunches, water, full insurance with aftercare, bus rides, … We treat everyone as much as possible.

We install a chill camping separated from the event, surrounded with all the needed accommodations for only 25 EUR in advance, 35 EUR ATD or 10 EUR/Night. So if you're not into the camp style, put up a tent kind of way, you can book a hostel, hotel, chalet in one of the most beautiful environments of the Belgian Ardens, without losing any finances to an all included ticket like previous editions. Or you can come just to relax, party and be away for one or more days.

EC is all about providing the right amount of fun where the skaters need it. As we did it in the last four editions, we’ll assure you that the event in May will be banging. The first corner on the track offers a lot to be completely satisfied during the day. Doesn’t matter if you’re skating or not, it's always entertaining. If the combination of good honest food and matching drinks doesn’t convince you, the vibes and music during the day will!

Plenty of space to sit and hang around is something that you can be sure of, so relax in our front row corner seats and feel the adrenaline of our skaters. If you’re not skating yourself off course!

At the campsite you’ll find everything you need to continue your quest to fill those empty spots with skating. Flaming hot mini ramps sessions with accompanied contest. All of this hand in hand with some good Belgian beers, enough tunes to get your groove on, balance boards, slacklines, free liquor moments and much more.

We are already working over three years on new locations and communications with multiple authorities on different levels to make it easier to be granted permissions to close down roads for events like ours in the BeNeLux region. This is however a politically entangled subject and slows down the process greatly. We are hoping to blow everyone away in the near future with new locations and concepts.

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