Belgian Championship Downhill Skateboarding

EC Gros-Fays Belgian Championship 25 – 28 May

Will take place 25 – 28 May. There will be 3 consecutive days of freeride, anyone can enter aged between 12 and … years. On top we offer the competition 25 - 28th of May (Age 14+). The campsite opens 24th of May 17h00. There is a limited amount of spots so be sure to get your ticket in time!

All downhill sports allowed. There will be a miniramp contest the 27th and chill spots at the campsite. Address for the campsite can be found underneath the formulas for daytickets.

Price Freeride 25 – 27 May: €135 (Camping inc.)
Price Belgian Championship 25 - 28 May: €170 (Camping incl.)
Camping spot: €20 (for non riders)



\\ Day tickets //                                                      !! ONLY AVAILABLE AT THE CAMPSITE DURING THE EVENT !!

Formula for Freeride:

Thursday: €45
Friday: €45
Saturday: €45
Thursday + Friday: €90
Friday + Saturday: €90

Formula for Race:

Friday + Saturday + Sunday: €135
Saturday + Sunday: €90


All of these formulas will be sold at the entrance of the campsite @ Rue de Naomé 5555 Graide


You can register below

Register here!

After registration and payment you will receive an email with your E-ticket. Buying a ticket automatically means you are agreeing to our rules and terms for the event. Be sure to bring this ticket as it's will allow you access to the event. Buying any rider ticket has access to the campsite and a free meal and drink during each day. A camping spot gets access to the campsite.