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Chalk Customboard exhibition @Donkeys 2016

During 2016 we did a collaboration with the Chalk Custom Board Project when they were just new in town. We moved and built our miniramp inside Donkeys, placed some obstacles and made sure we had a skateable area.

Furthermore putted together a small contest for some goodies. It was a free entrance event with a lot of art exhibited by the collective. Many people showed up to take a glance at the many different ways they are introducing and integrating skating into art or vice versa. We were for sure impressed by their very creative ways.

They are still contributing a lot and you can check what they are up to here and here.

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Flow 2016

Flow was a test event trying to expand our offer for competitions in the longboarding scene. The person in charge of the project broke his leg during a crucial period. Luckily One Movement was there to help and support all the way through. We’ve put this project on hold to focus on other things but we are definitely keeping it in mind and surely we’ll give it another go somewhere in the near future. An additional Belgian championship does not sound bad at all.

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One Way Down 2016

What is this? A downhill with crazy obstacles? Yes, indeed! One Movement took up this project and this was their second edition. In comparison to last time there were bigger and better obstacles and the overall atmosphere is just plain fun. For us it was a very chill event, providing some volunteering, working out the competition and drinking a fresh pint with our dear friends. We are already looking forward to the next one.

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