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EC 2015 Recap

Everyone was super stoked to get the third edition on the road. We had so many new things planned. Aiming to represent the Belgian Championship as the longboarding event you can't miss. It was so fascinating to see the whole crew just dive in and take any problems or issues with both hands and crush it asap. We had so many unpredictable issues. But they got solved so fast by the crew. For example, we got this crazy idea to build our own mini at the event. All wood still needed to be cut down to the right size, which was accounted for. The problem was it had to be a level surface to place it on which was definitely not the case. So they levelled the surface with pallets and wood to place the mini on and lost half a day. Then continued building the mini with half a day less and still managed to get it done earlier then scheduled and skated the rest of the evening. It was totally mental. All tickets were sold and a lot of people just came to watch and enjoy the after parties on the camping. The championship went flawless, all communications ran smooth and we had the best event since we started 3 years ago. Hoping to expand our organisation and events next year.