Belgian Championship Downhill Skateboarding


Eat Concrete vzw is an organisation that was founded in 2012 by 5 skaters. Wanting to bring downhill competition to life in Belgium. At first the idea was to provide a small contest between Belgian riders because none was present at the time. But after launching the first event registrations there was an immediate international response. A lot of enthusiasm came from the Belgian scene and we were promptly declared as the Belgian Championship. After competing in several other events around Europe the crew gained a lot of insight on some key elements that creates a great experience for anyone attending.

A lot of time has passed since and Eat Concrete is still actively trying to improve the Belgian scene. Be it helping out other organisations/events/initiatives or trying to improve governmental support and communication on different levels for the sport in- and outside of Belgium.

If you have any question, an idea, looking for support or something else, don't hesitate to contact us

Daan Gykiere
Project manager

Bregt Vyvey

Tibor Dhondt

Jasper D'Haene

Robbie Larock


After several months of negotiating we are sad to conclude that we did not succeed this year receiving our permission for our planned relocation. However we are, after two years, getting very close to providing one of the most insane downhill roads on Benelux grounds. So for now the relocation moved to 2018. We are also looking at organizing and expanding the competition to several countries. This means more skating, racing, parties? more everything in 2018.

We definitely planned to organize the Belgian championship again this year! That is why the crew has made the decision to use the already granted permission in Bievre, Gros-Fays to get things rolling. The Belgian championship will take place the same weekend of the EC Freeride in Gros-Fays 25-28 May. There will be 3 days of freeride 25-27 May for everyone and the Belgian Championship 26th-28th of May.

On top of that we are waiting for another permission for 12-15 August also in Gros-Fays. More info on this event coming end of April.


Events 2017

EC Gros-Fays Belgian Championship 25-28 May

Will take place 25-28 May. There will be 3 consecutive days of freeride, anyone can enter aged between 12 and ... years. On top we offer a competition like always the 26 - 28th of May. The campsite opens the 24th of May 17h00. Registrations open the 23rd of April at 20:00 hours CET.


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Below you can find our partners. These are all organisations/people we have been working with we want to support or are working on future projects. Be sure to visit their website and give them a follow or like, you can click the links below. They have a lot of good spirit and it has been a joy working with them. We appreciate them for the things they do and what they stand for.