Belgian Championship Downhill Skateboarding

REGISTRATIONS 2022 OPEN 27/02 18h00!


Below you can find our partners. These are all organisations/people we have been working with we want to support or are working on future projects. Be sure to visit their website and give them a follow or like, you can click the links below. They have a lot of good spirit and it has been a joy working with them. We appreciate them for the things they do and what they stand for.




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Eight years ago we started our organisation of the annual Belgian Championship. Three successful editions later we made important steps forward in professionalizing and expanding this great sport.

Our strategy and vision is to broaden the horizon of downhill sports and push it from the bottom up. Thereby including a sustainable and professional frame for all parties involved. We highly value and support the education of new participants in order to continue the flow of new blood into downhill events. Want to start longboarding or downhill but don't know how? Come to our events or get in contact with us.

If you want to keep up to date about our future events and projects, keep an eye out on our Facebook page. We consciously choose to invest in building a larger and durable community. Do you have questions, ideas, remarks or just want to say hi? We'll be more than happy to reply and/or explore the possibilities with you.

EC Crew

Daan Gykiere

Bregt Vyvey

Tibor Dhondt

Jasper D'Haene

Robbie Larock